Kathy Kinzer-Downs - December 12, 2021

Woe To You

In one of the greatest take-downs ever, Jesus confronts the Pharisees, resulting in what is known as The Seven Woes. Throughout history, Christians have loved Jesus for His raw and spot-on exposure of the hypocrisy and callousness that often comes with high levels of authority. Less popular, however, is turning the mirror on ourselves. The truth about us is that modern-day Christianity has regressed into an often judgmental, unfeeling dogma. This week, we put the spotlight on ourselves and wonder if Jesus might say to us, "Woe to you."

Scripture References: Matthew 23:2-3

From Series: "RAW - The Truth About Us."

We often want to think of the Bible and the people in it as a perfect book about perfect people. But the truth is that the Bible is a perfect book about imperfect people who have a perfect God. In this series, we are going to pull back the illusions about how Christian life is really supposed to be, and talk honestly about how Christian life really is. And in doing so, we hope to encounter God's love and power in a new and genuine way

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