Honduras Missions Trip



As a church, Chesapeake sends eight to ten teams to LaPaz Honduras every year. Teams are filled with people like you, wanting to put their faith into action and live out the command in Mark 16:15 to “go into the world and share the Gospel with every creature.”

Whether you’ve never been to Honduras, or you are ready to jump on a plane tomorrow, there are teams for every person, all year long! There are so many different kinds of teams including family teams, construction teams, youth teams, women’s teams, men’s teams, and so many more!

During the week-long trip to Honduras, you and your team will work shoulder-to-shoulder with each other and the people of Honduras installing water filters, building homes, and helping with community programs. All of this brings tremendous change and hope to the lives of the people of La Paz.

Is God calling you to make the leap and go on a trip to Honduras and serve His people? Have you asked Him? Take some time to intentionally pray and listen. Remember, if God is calling you to do something He will make sure to see it through!

And also, while you may be expecting to go to Honduras to make a difference for others, what you can’t anticipate is how much this trip will make a difference in your life and your relationship with Jesus.

“Working with HCP and traveling to Honduras was a life-changing experience. I left a part of me in La Paz, and because of the beautiful people, I am forever changed.”
— Jen Hays

Check out the list of teams forming and sign-up for the trip you would like to go on!

Why Honduras

Life change happens through relationships. That’s a value that makes sense whether you are right here in Calvert County or across the world in the country of Honduras.

As a church, our outlook on missions may be different than what you’re used to. When we began looking at how our church would impact our world, it was very important for us to do it in one place. Rather than “adding pins to a map” we believed God was calling us to a place. A place where we could get to know the people, visit them often, and grow roots.

Honduras is where Chesapeake exclusively does global missions work. We do missions in Honduras and only Honduras. That is not because Honduras is more important than other countries or that the need is not greater in other areas of the world. We do missions in one location because Honduras is where God has led our church and we are there to carry out the command in Mark, “go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation” by serving the people of LaPaz until He calls Chesapeake somewhere else!

About Honduras Compassion Partners

The organization we partner with to serve LaPaz, Honduras is Honduras Compassion Partners (HCP). HCP believes that all people deserve clean water, a roof over their heads, and the opportunity to provide for their families.

Through the relationships that HCP builds, we are able to help the people of La Paz, Honduras, achieve self-sufficiency, healthy living, and dignity. HCP accomplishes this by providing clean water, safe houses, and education.

All of this is not for our own glory – it is for the glory of God with the purpose of sharing the gospel to every corner of the world!