Patrick Edwards - April 23, 2023

What Happens When We Die? | 11A

From the moment we enter this world we begin dying. No matter what or when that is how each of our stories in this life will end. What happens when we die? Is there an afterlife? And, if so, what will it and our place in it be like? Come with your questions as we enjoy a unique experience with a live Q & A about death, heaven, and hell.

Scripture References: 2 Corinthians 5:8

From Series: "Asking for a friend"

Just the fact that God is infinite means there's going to be a lot about Him, His Word, and His world that we don't understand. But there are some particular questions that both the believer and non-believer commonly ask. The good news is that, while we may never be able to have all our curiosities addressed, God does want us to ask because He has the answers!

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