Patrick Edwards - October 22, 2023

Unstoppable | It Will Be Done

Acts 6:1-8:3 - What feels random or a setback in our lives is still always under God's control and direction. He has never abandoned His perfect plans for His people or His world and won't stop now! Looking back, then, through history we can see constant examples of this and, therefore, have our faith strengthened for whatever He calls us to today.

Scripture References: Acts 6:1-15, Acts 7:1-60, Acts 8:1-3

From Series: "Unstoppable"

More than a common-interest group, social group, business, or even industry, the Church is the means by which God keeps His promise to rescue and redeem all of this broken world. When we understand, therefore, the presence we have constantly still with us and the power still at work through us we can join in with the very earliest Christians to see the Kingdom of God continue to come on earth as it is in heaven.

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