Robert Hahn - September 29, 2018

To See People As God Sees People - Part 4

As Jesus is making his way into Jerusalem, the people throw a parade for Him. They are joyous but only Jesus knows that a cross awaits Him at the end of this parade. At one point Jesus stops, looks at Jerusalem and He weeps. He weeps not for Himself, but for us. What did Jesus see that no one else could see?

From Series: "To See People As God Sees People"

There are many reasons to do missions: to spread the Gospel, to provide humanitarian aid to the less fortunate among us or even just to increase our gratitude for what we have in our lives. At Chesapeake all these reasons matter – but we have one more – to see people as God sees people. When we see people as God sees people, we come to a deeper appreciation of how all people do matter – regardless of where they are.

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