Nathan Laborie - April 18, 2021

The Other Side Of The Tomb

The thing that sets Jesus apart from any other prophet, leader, or teacher in history is that when He died, Jesus did not stay dead. He walked out of that tomb alive. And the same is true for us. By the grace of the cross, though we were once dead in our sins, we can each be made new and alive through Him. But our story does not end there, in that individual moment. Because life on the other side of the tomb is fully lived in community.

From Series: "Life on the Other Side"

We all know what it’s like to live through a moment where everything changes. Two thousand years ago a few women heading to a tomb experienced just that sort of moment – they arrived at an empty grave. At the time, they thought the story had ended. But it was only just beginning. Jesus offers each one of us a similar moment – a moment to change everything, and live life on the other side of the cross, the other side of the tomb, and the other side of this life.

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