Larry Patin - October 10, 2021

Lame Man at the Pool of Bethesda

That simple question leads to not only a healing, but an act of defiance against the traditional Sabbath culture. Whenever Jesus' healing comes to us in unconventional ways - obedience is always at the core. This week we will learn how being obedient and going against the flow can heal not one person, but an entire family.

Scripture References: John 5:1-15

From Series: "Miraculous - The Healings of Jesus"

Throughout His ministry, Jesus healed people. These healing were miraculous and amazing – but they weren’t always done for the same reason. For example, there are several healings that happened on the Sabbath. Sometimes Jesus healed people based on faith- they simply asked Jesus and he did it. Others went to Jesus on behalf of someone else. Sometimes His healings were a mode of evangelism. Jesus shows us that we can experience healing, wholeness, and the breaking of bondages from our mind, body, and soul. The miraculous power of Jesus is a demonstration of what is availed to us now and what every Believer will experience in the life to come. The healings Jesus performs shows us that healing can be ours now, but also foreshadows the ultimate and eternal healing work availed to every Believer through the death, blood, and resurrection of Jesus.

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