Nathan Laborie - August 15, 2021

I Have To Be Loved First

What about me? How will I have any love to give if there’s no one giving love to ME? We are sold the lie that you can only show love when you are certain you’re getting love in return. But Jesus flipped that upside-down thinking rightside up. And in doing so, He answered the question: Who’s going to love us, first?

Scripture References: 1 John 4:19

From Series: "The Beauty of Loving People"

Here at Chesapeake, our three core values are: All People Matter To God, Full Devotion To Jesus Christ Is Normal, and Excellence Honors God. Excellence tends to display itself in all kinds of ways. And Full Devotion is more easily recognizable, too. But the value of All People Matter To God – this can be a bit harder to see at times. It shouldn’t be this way. So what if we did something about that? What if we made loving people visible? What if we so clearly displayed excellence and our devotion to Christ in the way we love people? And not just those who are easy to love – but even loving the unlovely. Imagine the community we would be if together we made our God known through the beauty of loving people. Because if All People Matter To God, shouldn’t all people matter to us?

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