Robert Hahn - April 3, 2022

Family Ties

What truly keeps families together over the long haul? It's shared vision, shared traditions, familiar stories. Enjoying success, enduring defeat, mourning loss, celebrating gain - a common sense of purpose that comes from the One true God. This is how you create a generational tribe. These are the true family ties.

From Series: "ALL-IN FAMILY"

Never before have the pressures on family been greater. Life moves at a break-neck speed, while danger and illness lurk behind every corner. It's no wonder parents, children and all family members are confused, exhausted and worried. But, that is not God's intention. His desire is for our families - regardless of their past - to be all-in for Him. Join us these next five weeks as we take a deep dive into how you can begin to have the ALL-IN FAMILY.


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