Nathan Laborie - May 2, 2021

A Land That is Yours

After a triumphant exodus from slavery in Egypt, a miraculous escape through the parted Red Sea, and being led through the wilderness by the presence of God, the people of Israel were finally there - on the precipice of the promised land. But in that moment, everyone drew back in fear. Everyone but two who had the courage to say, “This land is ours.” Who will we be? - (Numbers 13)

Scripture References: Numbers 13:1-33

From Series: "Living in the Promised Land"

From the beginning, at the core of God’s promise to His people was a land of their own. A land where they would dwell with Him and He with them. A land where they would not fight for victory, but from victory. God’s people waited for centuries for the realization of that promise. But through Jesus, the promised land is no longer something that will happen one day. So unlike the people of Israel, we no longer need to wait for the promised land. When we live in the legacy of the Kingdom, we are living in the promised land now.

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