Patrick Edwards - April 21, 2024


Revelation 2:12-17 | The issue of a church's convictions versus what the dominant society around it believes has existed since the birth of the church in the 1st century. There are some "big ones" we seem clear on, but what about the small compromises that can work their way into the Body here and there? It's easy to make "small" modifications or accommodations here or there just to keep the peace, but we see a healthy church is one who is willing to test all things against the Word and hold fast to living out their convictions.

From Series: "Issues"

We're all searching for the perfect church home. Well, maybe not perfect, but at least one with the fewest issues. Good luck! The seven churches of Revelation show us the issues that every church in every time and space will face. But Jesus addresses these seven things so that we cannot only test ourselves but learn how to persevere and pursue Him and, thus, conquer whatever challenges we may face.

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