The Park

Elementary Age Children |  K-5th Grade


Each week your kids will enjoy a multimedia learning experience as they dive into God’s Truth through live teaching, fun videos, live worship music, games, small groups, and other activities designed to help them understand and apply God’s Word.

Our Teaching Format

We start off each Sunday service hanging out in small groups by grade level. Each group is led by our incredible team of background-checked, CPR-certified volunteer small group leaders. Then we move with our small groups to a large group experience with live worship, age-appropriate teaching, cool videos, and fun games. After that, we head back to our small group areas to dig deeper into the day’s message and its application to our lives. We finish small groups with prayer time as parents come back to pick up kids, and just like that, we pass the baton back to you.

how we teach

We walk through the Bible chronologically with the kids, changing series titles and themes monthly. Each week we look at a different Bible story using a technique called the SOAP Method:

  • Scripture
  • Observe
  • Apply
  • Pray

Using this simple formula, we help kids better understand the Bible and how it applies to their lives.