Grace Alone


Baptism is an incredibly important moment in every Believer’s faith journey. It is the public declaration of a person’s commitment to Jesus Christ.

When we are immersed in the water during baptism, we identify ourselves with Jesus in his death and burial. When we are raised up out of the water, we identify ourselves with the Resurrection of Jesus and the hope of eternal life. Baptism also gives the rest of us an opportunity to celebrate with you!

At Chesapeake, we invite all new Believers to be baptized. The first step is to schedule an interview with an elder. You can do that below.


When a child or infant is baptized, the believing parent or parents commit to God and the church to teach their child about Christ, in the hope that their child will someday come to faith in Christ. This baptism of children witnesses to the truth that God’s promise and love claims people before they’re able to respond in faith. In baptism, these children are brought into the covenant relationship God has with His church as children of believing parents.


Being baptized is a courageous way to solidify our profession of faith in Christ before our church community, as act of obedience to Christ. The Bible teaches the very moment we acknowledge ourselves to be a sinner and accept Jesus Christ as our Savior, He forgives all our sins – past, present, and future, and the Holy Spirit regenerates our hearts. At that moment, our salvation is complete and we become God’s son, or daughter, to live for Him. As a sign of our faith in Christ, the work of the Holy Spirit in our hearts, and of the new life we have in Christ, we should then be baptized with water.