Nathan Laborie - May 30, 2021

What If We Were A Protected People

Think of all the organizations that say they’ll protect us – government agencies, health agencies, security companies. Where does the church land on that list? Because God promises that He will protect us from devouring pests and rotting crops. What does that look like for us, in 2021? What’s it worth to be known as a protected people? What if we really found out?

From Series: "What If?"

What If? It’s a question we often ask ourselves after an opportunity lost or an opportunity missed. That question is one filled with regret. But “What if?” is also a question people ask as they look towards opportunities yet to come. Then that same question is filled with vision and anticipation. For the next three weeks, together we are going to look at three promises God makes to His church and ask, “What if?”

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