Robert Hahn & Nathan LaBorie - June 14, 2020

The Four Soils, Pt 3 (Mark 4:1-20) & Communion

What really impacts our growth in Christ? Why do some people seem to grow deep in their faith while others apparently wither? In the parable of the four soils, Jesus teaches us what inhibits our faith and what brings about deep roots and lasting growth.

From Series: "The Parables Of Jesus"

We all love stories. Ever since we were young. It’s the way we learn about who we are. So is it any surprise that Jesus uses stories to teach His children? And Jesus’ stories are so compelling that they are known throughout the world, both in and out of church. Much more than entertainment, Jesus' stories challenge all of us to continuously adjust our view of life, our thinking, and our way of living. For throughout the parables of Jesus, we are in fact being invited into a bigger story. His story.

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