Robert Hahn - May 29, 2022

It's Normal

When it comes to our Sunday offering, what is "normal" giving? Normal giving is what we are able to do just in our normal everyday lives. It doesn't involve any real sacrifice or reliance on God to make it happen. Biblically, we would say that normal giving begins with tithing. Since tithing is the moral positioning of our material lives in front of God. Tithing is when we allow God to lead us at the most basic material level - how we live. So, because full devotion to Jesus Christ is normal, tithing is actually normal giving. But even in our tithing, as we see, God promises to bless us beyond measure. God is not promising to make anyone rich if they tithe. But He is promising that when we live obediently in our material lives, God will bless us beyond our ability to contain it. And you will be able to tell how He is blessing you.

From Series: "Beyond Generous"

"I'm a 'give you the shirt off my back' kind of person." Yet, truth be told, we often don't have a full understanding of how God sees generosity and how we are to obediently honor the greatest gift we have ever been given - His Son Jesus Christ. Over the next three weeks, we will take a Biblical look at the truth about our giving and how we can be a community that lives Beyond Generous.

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