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Thank you for your interest in auditioning to join the Chesapeake Worship Team!

Our mission on the worship team is to create a worship environment that reveals the heart of God and leads others into His presence.

Please read through the requirements below before completing the audition sign-up form.  If you have any questions, please contact us below!


  • Must attend Chesapeake Church regularly.
  • Must be able to play to a click track (metronome).
  • Must be available for Thursday 7PM rehearsals.
  • Must be available to serve at both services on an assigned Sunday.
  • Vocalists must be available for an additional vocal rehearsal prior to Thursday night rehearsals.
  • If you are auditioning for keys, you must be familiar with both piano and synths.

How to Audition

Phase 1 – Application & Video Audition

The first phase of auditions is to fill out the online application and submit a video of you playing or singing.

  • Instrumentalists: Record yourself playing along with the 2 songs in your instrument category listed below.
  • Vocalists: Record yourself leading the 2 songs listed below with backing track or live accompaniment.

Submit videos to arts@chesapeakechurch.org via:

  • Unlisted YouTube link
  • Email a video file (.mov or .m4v file via Google Drive or Dropbox or similar)
  • Video file (.mov or .m4v) on a USB drive, hand-delivered to the Church office.

If you are auditioning for multiple instruments, please submit separate videos for each.

If you wish to audition for an instrument that is not listed, please email arts@chesapeakechurch.org.

Drums & Bass
Glorious Day (Tomlin) chart | mp3
On Earth As In Heaven (Red Rocks) chart | mp3

Rhythm Guitar
Glorious Day (Tomlin) chart | mp3
On Earth As In Heaven (Red Rocks) chart | mp3

Lead Guitar
Glorious Day (Tomlin) chart | mp3
This Is Amazing Grace (Bethel) chart | mp3

Praise Your Name (North Point) chart | mp3
Hallelujah Here Below (Elevation) chart | mp3

Male Vocals
Holy (Song Of The Ages) (The Belonging Co.) chart | mp3
Stand In Your Love (Bethel) chart | mp3

Female Vocals
What A Beautiful Name (Hillsong) chart | mp3
Because He Lives (Zan Fiskum) chart | mp3


  • Live Auditions will be invitation only.

    Maybe God isn’t as complicated as you think.