Chesapeake Cares Food Pantry

More Than A Bag Of Groceries

Donate Financially

Every week our Food Pantry helps bring HOPE to our community by providing food assistance for those in need. You can be a part of making a difference. Because of our partnership with End Hunger In Calvert County and Maryland Food Bank, we can purchase bulk food items at a discounted rate. 

donate food items

By donating items that are critically needed, you free up resources to help more people. We ask that you please only donate items that are new and undamaged to ensure they can be used for the greatest impact.

    • Canned or dry beans (black, navy, pinto)
    • Canned fruit (regular or individual serving size)
    • Canned meat (chicken, tuna, salmon)
    • Canned soup
    • Canned vegetables
    • Cereal/oatmeal or pancake mix
    • Fruit Juice (64 ounce bottles or juice boxes)
    • Jelly
    • Macaroni & cheese
    • Maseca corn flour
    • Muffin/cake mix
    • Peanut butter
    • Pop-Tarts/Breakfast bars
    • Potato/stuffing mix
    • Spaghetti sauce
    • Whole wheat pasta/rice

Family Activity

Parents, actively involving your children in our food drive is an opportunity for you to teach them “All People Matter to God” and, as Christians, we are called to help feed the hungry.

Make it a family activity. Pick a time to go to the grocery store as a family, mark it on the calendar, and talk it up – even countdown to the date! When you go to the store, have your children take turns reading the food items list, finding them down the aisle, and taking them off the shelves. Let them do it! As you walk down each aisle, discuss hunger in our community and our responsibility and privilege as Christians to feed and care for our neighbors.