The goal of our missions ministry is simple: to engage people in local and global missions. Our vision is that we would obediently fulfill Chesapeake Church’s global calling - to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with our world.


What Does "Missions" Mean?

God commissions us to carry out His mission of restoring the world to a loving relationship with Himself through the redemption of Jesus Christ. In Matthew 28:19-20, Jesus commands His people to go and make disciples of all nations - from our own homes and neighborhoods to the farthest ends of the Earth. This is what “missions” means – obediently engaging in the mission of God. This mission involves individually sharing our faith and the Church corporately taking the gospel to our world.


What Does "engage" mean?

Our goal is motivate, educate, train, and mobilize followers of Christ to take part in God’s mission. This includes learning how God is working all around our world, learning how to reach our own community, and providing opportunities to take part in local and global missions. 


For information about our Honduras Mission Trips, click here.


Our Missions Values

  • People are the mission.

  • Service is rooted in humility.

  • The local church is the hope of the world.


Our Philosophy of Missions

  • The Gospel is for all people and has the power to change everything.
  • We have been sent – the ‘go of the Gospel’ is a call to actively take the Gospel to our world.

  • We serve with humility because we understand we are all in poverty - materially, spiritually, or relationally.

  • The local church is our starting point.

  • Our calling includes providing relief, but our goal is to equip people with skills for sustainable change.

  • Following Jesus’ model, we minister to the physical, social, and spiritual needs of people. 




For more information about how to be involved in missions at Chesapeake, please contact our Missions Pastor, Jeremy Robinson, at jrobinson@chesapeakechurch.org.