Asking for a friend

Just the fact that God is infinite means there’s going to be a lot about Him, His Word, and His world that we don’t understand. But there are some particular questions that both the believer and non-believer commonly ask. The good news is that, while we may never be able to have all our curiosities addressed, God does want us to ask because He has the answers!

Robert Hahn - February 27, 2022

Why Do I Have to Go to Church and Why Does It Always Want My Money?

People say they love God and even say they love Jesus - but what is the big deal about going to a church? Isn't all nature a temple? Can't I worship in my home or in the forest or even on the golf course? And when I do go, they are always asking for my money. Why is that? This week we take a tough look at two tough questions.

Scripture References: Exodus 20:8

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