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Just the fact that God is infinite means there’s going to be a lot about Him, His Word, and His world that we don’t understand. But there are some particular questions that both the believer and non-believer commonly ask. The good news is that, while we may never be able to have all our curiosities addressed, God does want us to ask because He has the answers!

Curtis Hunnicutt - February 20, 2022

What Does God Say About Sexuality?

In the story of creation, God looked at all He had done and uttered the often repeated phrase, "It is good." That is, until He saw man, alone. What can this story teach us about God's design for marriage and sexuality? Currently, sexuality may be the most polarizing topic available in our culture. So what does the Bible teach on this topic? How are we supposed to respond toward those who consistently live outside of the Biblical description?

Scripture References: Genesis 2:18

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