Sermon Series: Advent

As we near Christmas, we occupy now a season of prayer and repentance in hopeful anticipation of the return of Jesus. Just as the Old Testament saints waited in darkness for the coming of the Messiah and God’s promised redemption (Isaiah 9:2; Matthew 4:16), we now await His second coming, His glorious entry into the world again, His adventus, or advent. Thus, in this season while we remember the first coming of Jesus, we celebrate and look forward to His second coming.

Patrick Edwards - December 4, 2022

As Kingfishers Catch Fire

"Don't say I didn't warn you!" It's our way of telling someone to take our warning seriously, to pay attention and act. John the Baptist's warning about the nearness of the Kingdom of God still rings true today so we better sit up and listen.

Scripture References: Matthew 3:1-12

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