In the Christian tradition, Advent is a time of the year where, as Christmas nears, we take time for self-reflection and repentance. We think of Jesus’ promise to one day return and consummate His Kingdom and we ask ourselves, “Are we ready?”. Only, then, in prayer and the study of God’s Word do we find hope, faith, joy, and peace as we celebrate and look forward to the second coming.

Patrick Edwards - December 17, 2023


Luke 1:39-56 -From wars, famines, natural disasters, economic turmoil, political and social division, the world seems pretty messed up. Very little feels safe and secure and, worst, we feel so helpless and powerless to do anything about it. But God's promises reveal to us His plans to topple the proud and mighty and exalt the hurting and the lowly. Jesus is coming back to heal this broken world and make all things new, and that is our PEACE.

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