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Full Devotion To Jesus Is Normal 

Next Week In Peake Youth

Date: Tuesday & Wednesday, January 25 & 26, 2022 Message: IRL
Verse: Mark 2: 1-12
Teacher: Lamont Downs

Bottom Line:

You will never get over what God does through you. We all want to find our purpose in life. What if we found our God-given purpose, and then went and lived it out? Stepping out and stepping up to serve can grow your faith into an authentic one as you find your unique gifts and put them into action. Don’t miss out on joining God in what He is already doing in the world! Like the friends who brought a paralyzed man to Jesus, our serving in faith might just change someone else’s life, too!

Small Group Questions

Thank you for leading in Peake Youth and investing in the next generation!

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