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Identity Crisis

Nov 24, 2019 | Robert Hahn

Who Am I Really?

Who hasn’t wondered, “Am I living the life I was created for?” The question itself shows that we all feel a need for deep purpose. We all want to be about something bigger than ourselves, to meet needs greater than our own, and to accomplish something more lasting than our own success. What does it take to live lives that matter? It takes a genuine encounter with Jesus Christ.

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How do you identify? Do you mean politically? Sexually? Generationally? Musically? Spiritually? This week? Next week? Or last week? For a people who claim we don’t like to be labeled, we have more labels for ourselves
than ever before. No one knows who they are anymore. We’re in an identity crisis. Over the next three weeks we will examine who are, not merely in our eyes – but in the eyes of Christ.

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