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See The Love

Sep 06, 2020 | Robert Hahn

When Love Is Silent

Throughout scripture, there are often times when God is silent. Months, years, decades, even centuries. In fact, from the time of the prophet Malachai to the birth of Christ, God did not speak anything new to His people for 400 years. Yet even in His silence, God was not absent. He was still present, alive, and active in the world. It was true then and it is true when God seems distant today. Will we see the love, when love is silent?

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There are three unifying themes throughout scripture: God’s desire to be glorified, God’s desire for a people of His own, and God’s eternal purpose. Even so, there are times when God appears to be silent and distant. It was true then and it is true today. But even in those moments when all love seems lost, the promise of Christ remains. And when we learn to see even the unseen love of Christ, we will be that much more equipped to be the love of Christ in the world.

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