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Nov 17, 2018 | Robert Hahn

Under Stuff

Luke 12:15

    We've all had moments when life's demands leave us feeling overwhelmed and scattered. Add to this the weight of the holiday season --- more family gatherings, more opportunities for conflict, and way more pressure to purchase material things we don't need. Plain and simple, we feel like we're going under. This week, we'll take a look at how to get out from under all the stuff and begin living a more meaningful life, with God and for God.

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    It used to be “You are what you eat,” but nowadays it’s more like “You are what you own.” As a culture we are overwhelmed with messages telling us that we are defined by our stuff. And, while in our hearts we know it’s not true, we still find ourselves lingering over the seasonal catalogs that fill our mailboxes or the latest Cyber Monday deals online. As we head into the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons, let’s turn our focus to desiring more of Christ. Not more stuff.

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