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The Parables Of Jesus

Apr 26, 2020 | Robert Hahn & Nathan LaBorie

The Ten Virgins, Part 1 (Matthew 25:1-13)

It’s popular to ask (especially these days), “When will the end times begin?” Jesus was often asked this question. His response is, once again, a highly thought-provoking challenge. Because the real question is not, “When will it happen?” but rather, “Will we be ready?” (And why some people won’t.)

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We all love stories. Ever since we were young. It’s the way we learn about who we are. So is it any surprise that Jesus uses stories to teach His children? And Jesus’ stories are so compelling that they are known throughout the world, both in and out of church. Much more than entertainment, Jesus' stories challenge all of us to continuously adjust our view of life, our thinking, and our way of living. For throughout the parables of Jesus, we are in fact being invited into a bigger story. His story.

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