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The Parables Of Jesus

Jun 21, 2020 | Robert Hahn & Nathan LaBorie

Stop Wasting Your Life (The Parable Of The Talents; Matthew 25:14-30) & Father’s Day

A wealthy man departs for a long journey. Before he leaves, he entrusts his wealth to his servants. The amount that is distributed to each varies – some are assigned more and some are assigned less, each according to his ability. But in the end, they all have one thing in common: a responsibility to their master.  In one of His most dramatic parables, Jesus challenges all of us to consider the cost of a wasted life.

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We all love stories. Ever since we were young. It’s the way we learn about who we are. So is it any surprise that Jesus uses stories to teach His children? And Jesus’ stories are so compelling that they are known throughout the world, both in and out of church. Much more than entertainment, Jesus' stories challenge all of us to continuously adjust our view of life, our thinking, and our way of living. For throughout the parables of Jesus, we are in fact being invited into a bigger story. His story.

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