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Inconvenient: Hard Teachings Of Jesus

Feb 16, 2020 | Robert Hahn

Do Not Worry About Anything

Worry. Stress. Anxiety. None of this is in short supply these days. Our kids, our money, our homes, our personal safety, our future – culture teaches us that we ought to be worried. Yet in one of His most straight-forward and difficult teachings Jesus says the opposite. Jesus says do NOT worry. About anything. Not one thing. Surely it’s not that simple . . . is it?

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Throughout His ministry, Jesus said and taught so many amazing, wonderful, and beautiful things. But the teachings of Jesus were also often uncomfortable, difficult, and downright disruptive. Yet to fully know and follow Christ, one cannot accept the former while neglecting the latter. Over the next several weeks, we will taking a deeper look at the challenging, the inconvenient – the hard teachings of Jesus.

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