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Dangerous Living

Mar 31, 2019 | Robert Hahn

A Dangerous Business & Profession Of Faith Baptisms

Acts 19:1-41

As Paul and then other disciples continued preaching the Gospel many people were won over to Christ. In particular, those who followed the occults. As they left their cults and sects, they discarded their incantation books and stopped buying trinkets and shrines from the metal makers. This not only hurt the pagan religions, it was bad for business. Jesus is always bad for business. Are we ready for the changes – real bad for business changes – that the Holy Spirit will bring into our lives?

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When we live purpose-full lives for Christ, suddenly things are not so safe anymore. It becomes dangerous. From the very beginning, Christians were seen as dangerous. The early church bucked the culture and sought to reverse the status quo. Join us as we spend the next five weeks learning from people in the Bible who impacted the world for Christ by Living Dangerously.

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