Sermon Series: The Life

Easter at Chesapeake is always a special celebration – this year is no exception. It’s worth noting that in all four gospels, the resurrection of Jesus Christ was in many ways a quiet miracle. But not only a quiet miracle, it is in many ways a very small miracle. A very private miracle. No crowds, no cheers, no thunder or lightening. Just a quiet miracle that forever changed the hearts of every person who would believe in Him. For in the resurrection of Christ, we find not only life, but the Life.

Robert Hahn & Nathan LaBorie - July 19, 2020

The End Of Separation

Separation. If we’ve shared any one experience over the past several months, it is this. Yet separation is not unique to this time in history. From the very moment that sin entered the world, separation followed. Until Jesus. As we reunite after this season of separation, let us remember and celebrate the faithfulness of Jesus Christ, Who brought about the ultimate end of separation.

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