Sermon Series: The End Is Near

The End Is Near. With the pandemic, the separation brought about by physical distancing, and all the social and political unrest, that’s certainly a popular sentiment these days. Yet Jesus was abundantly clear that even when it appears that everything is crumbling around us, when we experience troubles and uncertainty, we are to take heart – He has overcome the world. In that sense, perhaps the end IS near. For in Jesus, we find not only the end, but the beginning.

Robert Hahn - August 8, 2021

I Don't See It

We humans like to see results. It’s in our nature to desire to see the fruits of our labor and the product of our efforts. Yet learning to love people for no other reason than that they matter to God is learning to live in an invisible reality. But it is the only reality that matters; it’s the only lasting reality. For the things which are seen are only temporary. But the things which are unseen are eternal.

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