Sermon Series: The Art Of Worship

God created us to worship. The ability and desire to worship resides in each human being. But true worship is more than singing hymns or praise songs. We are called to worship with our every breath, every word, every thought and every deed. As fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ, our calling is to embrace the Art Of Worship.

Robert Hahn - August 30, 2020

When Love Takes The Blame

Scapegoats are never hard to find. Most of us at some time in our lives have been a scapegoat for others, or perhaps we’ve scapegoated others for our benefit. But the idea of the scapegoat is a biblical one. It was literally a goat that carried the sins of the people into the wilderness each time God’s people observed the day of atonement. And we too can see the love when love takes the blame.

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