Sermon Series: The Art Of Worship

God created us to worship. The ability and desire to worship resides in each human being. But true worship is more than singing hymns or praise songs. We are called to worship with our every breath, every word, every thought and every deed. As fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ, our calling is to embrace the Art Of Worship.

Robert Hahn - October 24, 2021

Jesus Heals the 10 Lepers

Jesus heals ten lepers. Only one comes back to praise Him. And, the one that came back would have been considered the one least likely to come back. Jesus asks, "Where are the others? Only this stranger has come back to give praise?" How often do we see the "likely people" healed and act as if they deserved it? It's the least likely of people who really seem to be "Jesus' kind of people." Which are you?

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