Sermon Series: I Have A Question

Every week we’re challenged with questions from the pulpit. But we know that you often come to church with questions of your own. Well, now you get to ask them! For the next weeks, you pick the subject and we respond. Based on your input from our surveys, your Chesapeake Teaching Team will answer your toughest questions – because we know you have ‘em! What a great time to invite your friends to church!

Nathan Laborie - July 18, 2021

You Think You Do But You Don't

Sure, we’ll say, “All people matter to God.” But how many of us believe it enough to actually live like that? And how many of us are looking for the loophole when it comes to loving people? See, the moment we begin bargaining and rationalizing who we’re allowed to NOT love, well, then we don’t really love people. We think we do, but we don’t.

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