Sermon Series: Hey Jude

When reading Jude’s brief letter, two things become abundantly clear: Jude’s passion for believers to live in full devotion to Christ and his passion for reaching the lost. And to whom is Jude addressing his letter? The Church. God’s chosen instrument of redemption in the world today is at the root of it all. So what does this mean for us and our church? Who will we be? Let’s find out together.

Ann Edwards - September 22, 2019

My Picture Perfect Career

“So what kind of work do you do?” It’s one of the first questions we’re asked by new people we meet. Why? Because we define ourselves, our worth and our place in life by our “careers.” And yet, often our jobs leave us feeling empty, used and insignificant . We’re designed by God to work, but work that has meaning and purpose. This week we learn how that can happen right where we are – usually without changing jobs!

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