Sermon Series: Essentials

No other New Testament book challenges God’s people to live like God’s people the way the book of James does. Yet amidst all the practical wisdom, James makes one thing crystal clear: a life for Christ is not just a private, personal endeavor. True living for Christ is done in community, too – it’s the Church learning how to be the Church. And that’s more than just a nice idea. It’s essential.

Robert Hahn - June 5, 2022

It's Sacrificial

In the Old Testament, God's people would from time to time make sacrificial offerings. We tend to think of sacrifice as something bad - that we're losing something. But biblically, sacrificial giving is something we do as a humbled response to God's goodness. From time to time, we want to sacrifice something for God's work - and in fact the missing of "that thing" we sacrifice reminds us of God's graciousness. Delaying a car purchase one year, reducing your level of vacation, magazine subscriptions, going to the movies - all these things we could willingly sacrifice as our gesture of appreciation to God and to support His work. Remembering, as Christians, our salvation is secured by the willing sacrifice of Christ. We recognized that as in all things, God sacrificed first - we are merely responding.

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