Sermon Series: Essentials

No other New Testament book challenges God’s people to live like God’s people the way the book of James does. Yet amidst all the practical wisdom, James makes one thing crystal clear: a life for Christ is not just a private, personal endeavor. True living for Christ is done in community, too – it’s the Church learning how to be the Church. And that’s more than just a nice idea. It’s essential.

Robert Hahn - January 9, 2022

Life is a Struggle

Life has struggles. It just does. As soon as we get through one struggle, there seems to be another waiting right over the horizon. Jesus promised that in this world we would have problems, and He's been keeping His word ever since. He also told us to not lose heart for He has overcome the world. This week we look at how to keep heart in a world that can seem so heartless.

Scripture References: John 16:33

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