Sermon Series: Essentials

No other New Testament book challenges God’s people to live like God’s people the way the book of James does. Yet amidst all the practical wisdom, James makes one thing crystal clear: a life for Christ is not just a private, personal endeavor. True living for Christ is done in community, too – it’s the Church learning how to be the Church. And that’s more than just a nice idea. It’s essential.

Nathan Laborie - February 14, 2021

Revolutionary Love

Matthew 5:38 - 48 - So, you show kindness to your friends? You love someone who loves you back? Big deal. According to Jesus , anybody can do that. So He takes it up a notch. Jesus taught that we're called to love our enemies. But here's the real catch. It's not for us, and not even for them, but for Him. It's His reputation on the line, not ours. It was revolutionary then and it's still as revolutionary today.

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