Sermon Series: RAW – Asking for a friend?

Do your friends and family have questions you can’t answer? Well, now is the time to ask them. In this new series, you pick the questions. And each weekend, your Chesapeake Teaching Team will get those answers to you! While it’s always a good time to invite your friends to church, this is a GREAT time to invite them!

Robert Hahn - May 19, 2019

Then Why Do We Forget?

All throughout the Bible, from cover to cover, God tell us to remember Who He is and what He is has done for us. Indeed God also tells us that He will never forget His promises to us. And yet, throughout the Bible and to this day, we do forget God’s promises, Who God is and all He has already done for us. This forgetting is a great source of our sorrow, discontentment and brokenness. This week we learn not only why we forget, but more importantly, how we can always remember.

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