Oil Change Day

Led by our Summit Men, through partnership with Avery's Automotive & Glass, Oil Change Day is an outreach ministry created for single parents, or anyone who is experiencing financial difficulty to receive a free oil change.

The oil and filter are changed, fluid levels are checked and tire pressure is adjusted. A visual inspection of belts, hoses, and tire treads will also be conducted. If more work needs to be done, it is noted for guests so they can seek licensed mechanical advice for proper repairs.

Oil Change Day happens twice per year. In the spring and again in the fall. We typically change the oil in over 100 cars at each event. It takes an army of volunteers to do this. You do not have to be a mechanic. Positions are available for anything from changing oil to greeters, air changers, hospitality, and drivers. Anyone can be a part of serving our community in this way.  

Our partners at Avery's Automotive & Glass provide all of the oil, filters, as well as expertise and onsite technicians.

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