Nathan Laborie - September 13, 2020

When Love Protects

In the days of the Old Testament, death – even an accidental death – was punished by death. Blood vengeance was not only allowed by law, it was the law. A life for a life, right then and there. But not in a designated City of Refuge. And it is here that we catch an early glimpse of God’s desire for justice, but also His desire for redemption. Because even today, the cities of refuge help us see God’s love when love protects.

From Series: "See The Love"

There are three unifying themes throughout scripture: God’s desire to be glorified, God’s desire for a people of His own, and God’s eternal purpose. Even so, there are times when God appears to be silent and distant. It was true then and it is true today. But even in those moments when all love seems lost, the promise of Christ remains. And when we learn to see even the unseen love of Christ, we will be that much more equipped to be the love of Christ in the world.

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