Robert Hahn - October 27, 2019

What About The Planet?

“Christians are called to be stewards of the Earth.” We hear that and it’s true. But have we ever actively looked at what that means? Moreover, have we ever looked at what that means to God? Since it’s His planet, and He set us as stewards of it, what are His expectations and goals? This week we look at just that.

From Series: "How To Change The World"

What happened to us? Growing up, we all dreamed big dreams. We were going to change the world, or at the very least, make a dent. Yet somewhere along the way, the challenges grew and our vision shrank. Changing the world has become such a daunting task that if we’re not wearing ourselves thin doing literally anything and everything, we simply do nothing. Jesus promised that whoever believes in Him would do even greater things than He, so let’s not give up. How can we change the world? By living lives of real impact for Christ. Join us as together we learn how.

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