Robert Hahn - August 11, 2018


Your enemies gather all around you, united in their desire to destroy you and your people. Outnumbered, outmanned and out-weaponed, any leader would make the wise and prudent decision to retreat. Until God says, “Hold your ground for the battle is Mine.” Would you stand firm, or would you turn back? This is the decision Jehoshaphat faced. It's a decision we all face.

From Series: "No Turning Back"

One of the great aspects of the Bible is that the people in it, are just that: people. They are flawed and imperfect, not the fictional “superheroes” that dominate today’s culture. These real people, with real problems had one important thing in common: an unwavering determination to live out the life to which God called them; regardless of circumstance and heartache. They lived by the motto “No Turning Back.” They are the heroes worth studying.

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