Robert Hahn - May 9, 2015

What Does The Bible Say About The Role Of Women In The Church

Because You Asked

It is a great irony that the “role of women” in the church is so heavily debated and yet no one argues about the role of men. The fact is that each gender does have certain roles and gifts to bring to the Body of Christ, just as husbands and wives have different roles and gifts in a family --- none of which defines a person’s value or importance. This week we’ll share Chesapeake’s understanding of the Bible’s teaching on this topic – which begins with the word “equal.”

From Series: "Because You Asked"

Everybody comes to Church with questions, but how often do you get to ask them? In this series, you pick the subject and we respond. Based on your input from our Easter survey, our Chesapeake Teaching Team will preach to answer questions because you asked. This is a great series to invite your friends to Church!

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