Care Center FAQs

What is the Biblical basis for a Care Center?

In John 21:16, Jesus teaches that we are to take care of His sheep. The church is the body of Christ. In Ephesians 5:29, we’re told to feed and care for the body as Christ does the church.

What is the Care Center?

Ministering to the Chesapeake community through Christ-honoring pastoral care.

Are the people giving care trained?

Yes, all our Care facilitators are trained in pastoral care and temperament therapy.

Why a separate building?

Our experience with the Counseling Center taught us that having a building separate from our main building provides for more satisfying experience for those receiving care. Having a separate building also provides a higher atmosphere of confidentiality.

Will appointments from the outside or other churches be accepted?

We are entrusted with caring for those who attend Chesapeake Church so that will be our focus.

How do we know this is God’s Will?

God has presented the need. In John 21:16, Jesus commands us to take care of His sheep and in 1 Peter 5:2, we read that we are to shepherd His flock under our care.

Will people pay a fee for the service at the Care Center?

With the congregation’s obedience in giving, people will not pay a fee to receive care.

Do appointments have to be made in advance, or can someone just walk-in?

Appointments made in advance are helpful in order to provide the best care experience. At the same time, we know that things come up that require immediate attention. Our vision is to be available to the Chesapeake community as much as possible.

What if I want to be part of the Care Team? Is there training needed? Is a cost associated with training?

The need for Care Facilitators on the Care Team is great.The Care Team does hospital and home visits, assists with funeral services, care facilitating and couples mentoring. Each area has different expectations with respect to training and commitment. Please contact Dr. Michael Lea at   for more information.

What do I need to do to become involved in the Care Center ministry?

Click here to find out. 

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