The Treehouse

4 & 5 Year Olds

Our focus for the preschoolers is to share stories about who Jesus is and what He did. We use Little K Curriculum, which is video-based. If you've ever watched Blue's Clues, you know it's highly interactive and kids love it! Little K highly engages the kids and encourages lots of interaction.

Program components include music and movement, bible story, knock-knock jokes to reinforce the story and a memory verse complete with hand motions to help them remember the bible story.

Our preschoolers also enjoy a fun filled worship experience as well as craft time, activity time, and small group time all designed to reinforce the bible story.

There is also a Parent Talk Card we send directly to your inbox every Friday for the upcoming weekend. Our Family Resources assists in creating important God talks in your home. To sign up for a subscription, CLICK HERE!

Our goal for this age group is that they will want to know more about how Jesus lived and be curious as to how they can become forever friends with Him!

We are here to serve your family and look forward to seeing you this weekend!