The Park

K - 5th Grade

These early school years are so important for building a strong, Biblical foundation through faith in Jesus.

With that end in mind, our Children's services are strategically designed to help children learn to trust and follow Jesus. Our services have 3 different segments to engage each child and teach and then reinforce the weekly lesson; Pre-Service, Full-Stage Live Production and Group Time.

When your child arrives, they are immediately introduced to an experienced leader and join a group of three to six other children, within their age group. Our goal is to create a sense of belonging for each child and allow them to comfortably adapt to a structured teaching environment. During Pre-Service, leaders spend time building relationships with the children and helping them to connect with other children through games and activities.

Every service is a high energy, live, full-stage 40 minute production that engages, excites and equips our children to live out their faith by making wise choices throughout their school years.

Following the Teaching Production, children return to their Pre-Service venue for Group Time. Here they continue building relationships and trust through leader-led activities and games. We use specific lessons and activities to help children work through questions and answers to build upon and reinforce their faith foundation.

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