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Wedding Guidelines

Elder approved: August 2016


The wedding ceremony is one of the most sacred moments in the life of any person. It is not only a social event, but a religious ceremony in which a man and a women invoke the blessings of God in holy wedlock.

In order for Chesapeake Church to be of greatest assistance at this important and sacred time, for following policy and procedures have been instituted with regard to weddings that take place at the Church.

1.The Officiant

A. The Board of Elders and the Pastors, or their designee, is authorized to perform wedding ceremonies under the following situations as outlined in Scripture.

  • Two members of Chesapeake Church.
  • A member and a person outside of the Church when both people profess their faith in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.
  • Two attendees where both people profess their faith in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.
  • An attendee and a person outside of the Church where both people profess their faith in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.
  • Two people not affiliated with Chesapeake Church where both people profess their faith in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.
  • Two people who have not made a profession of faith in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior; who are living outside of God's plan for relationship.

B. No person from outside of Chesapeake Church may officiate a wedding at the Church unless approved by the Elders.

C. The Officiant is responsible for coordination dates and logistics for the event with regards to the use of the building.

2. The Wedding Day

A. It is important that arrangements be made for the wedding rehearsal and the wedding ceremony so that neither will conflict with other scheduled activities of the Church.

B. The date and hour of the wedding rehearsal as well as the date and hour of the wedding ceremony must be approved by the Elders.

C. If neither the bride nor the groom is a member of Chesapeake Church, approval for the wedding will not be given until both have had a personal conference with the officiate, then receive permission from the Elders prior to setting a wedding date.

D. The date of the wedding must be determined at least three months in advance. Arrangements must also be made at this time if the reception is to be held at the Church.

E. No weddings will be scheduled on holidays or on Saturdays or on Sundays unless authorized by the Officiant, Stewardship Pastor and Elders. Saturday weddings will not be scheduled later than 12 PM due to the preparation for Saturday 5 PM Service.

3. Marriage License and Legal Requirements

A. The bride and groom are responsible for obtaining their marriage license. For legal requirements, please see the Clerk's Office, Circuit Court of Calvert County, MD. Website or call 4105351600.

B. Although Maryland law allows same-sex marriages, it is Chesapeake Church policy, in keeping with the Bible and our Statement of Faith, that "Marriage is the uniting of one man and one woman in covenant commitment for a lifetime." Accordingly, Chesapeake Church will not allow our facilities to be used for same-sex marriage ceremonies.

4. The Church

A. Access will be granted to the Church 1 hour prior to wedding rehearsals and 2 hours prior to weddings, without exceptions.

B. Access is also granted during normal business hours which are   9 AM - 5 PM, Monday - Friday.

C. Floral deliveries, decorating and other visits must occur during the hours stated above, without exception.

5. Premarital Mentoring

A. Couples are required to attend Premarital Mentoring. Premarital Mentoring will consist of 6 to 10 weekly sessions. The sessions are 1 to 1 1/2 hours in length.

B. During mentoring, couples will be required to complete two premarital assessments: Arno Profile and the Prepare/Enrich Inventory.

C. During mentoring, couples will also be required to read First Steps and complete the exercises.

D. The fee for the mentoring is $115. This includes the cost of all assessments and books used.

E. Premarital mentoring done outside of Chesapeake Church can be accepted based on the approval of the Officiant.

F. Both the groom and the bride must be present for the mentoring sessions.

G. The officiant, after speaking to the mentoring couple, has the right to withdrawal from performing the ceremony should the Officiant conclude that a significant issue affecting the marriage remains unresolved.

6. The Music

A. Music used in connection with the service must be in keeping with the sacredness and dignity of the wedding service.

B. Arrangements for both recorded and live music should be coordinated through the Arts Pastor or their designee.

C. Please see ITEM 14 "Fees" for an example of the fee schedule

7. Sounds System and Lighting

A. A Chesapeake Production Team member is required to attend both the rehearsal and the wedding ceremony.

B. A Chesapeake Production Team member will operate the audio and visual equipment.

C. A Chesapeake Production Team member will control all lighting.

8. Receptions

A. Receptions at Chesapeake Church will be reviewed on a case-by-case situation.

9. Photography and Videography

A. The Officiant will review these items with the couple during their initial meeting.

10. Decorations

A. The Church may be decorated only at times suitable to the schedule of the Church.

B. The person(s) decorating the Church are responsible for removing the decorations after the ceremony.

C. No wax candles can be used for the ceremony other than the Unity Candle.

D. No glitter may be used in the Auditorium.

E. Decorations may not be attached to any part of the building or furniture with nails, staples, screws, thumbtacks, glue, etc. No furniture may be moved or rearranged without specific permission from the Officiant or a staff member.

11. Regulations

A. No alcoholic beverages in any form may be served or consumed on the Church premises.

B. Birdseed must be used instead of rice and may not be thrown inside the Church building.

12. Wedding Reservation Form

A. The bride and groom are required to sign the Wedding Reservation Form agreeing that they will comply with the regulations listed above. The reservation will be considered firm when the Arts Pastor, Stewardship Pastor and Officiant has approved the wedding.

B. If the wedding is called off, the Church must be notified no longer than one week prior to the wedding date. The deposit is non refundable.

13. Payment

A. A non-refundable deposit of $250 is required to reserve the facilities of Chesapeake Church. The deposit must be given to your officiant once your wedding date has Elder approval. The deposit will be credited to the total fee.

B. The balance is due on the final premarital mentoring session and the Church will be responsible for distributing the fees to the appropriate people.

C. Check should be made out to "Chesapeake Church".

 14. Fees

A. Fees are based on membership status, number and type of rooms requested, and the level of support needed for the event.


16. Contact

A. Once you have read through the Chesapeake Church Wedding Guidelines and are ready to submit your reservation form, send to Ronnie Martin PO BOX 936 Huntingtown, MD 20639 or email it

B. For questions, contact Elder Ronnie Martin at


Click HERE to fill out your Wedding Reservation Form online.

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